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Converting PNG to JPG without downloading software

If you ever have been looking for a easy solution to convert a bunch of PNG files to the JPG format you have found it here. Since JPG files support a stronger compression than PNG files this may pay off if you want to speed up your websites for example. With this little converter you can convert your PNG and JPG files online from anywhere in the world. You do not have to download any software for that. The converter is fast and 100% free of charge. Furthermore we are using 100% renewable energy for our servers. Enjoy converting! We recently increased our server bandwidth which now allows almost instantaneous conversion. There is most likely no faster service available in the web.
This converter is an online converter which means the you can do your conversion without downloading any conversion software. It can be used for bidirectional conversions between PNG and JPG. If you just want to convert a single files this converter is probably the fastest and easiest way to do so. Just submit your files here and after a short moment the converted file will be displayed immediatelly. Afterwards you can improve the result by adjusting the compression or scaling your image. No installation of any image conversion software is needed to use this png to jpg converter. The main features of this image converter are:

  • Bunch conversion: You can submit as many files as you want at a time and convert them with one click only.
  • Adjustable compression: You can adjust the compression of your JPG files after converting them in realtime
  • Compression of PNG files: You can enable lossless compression for the PNG files which are produced by this image converter. If you only want to compress PNG files you can also do so here. Just uploded them and choose the "compress only" option. Your PNG will be compressed now in a way which is reconized by Google Page Speed. Thats it!

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